Social Media Promotes a Real World Encounter

Last night I was shopping for some snacks at Lucky’s before going to a friend’s house.  As I was walking toward the checkout counter, my friend Rawlins ran up from behind and surprised me.  It was a great surprise because I have not seen Rawlins in a little over a year since he no longer lives in California.  He was back in the Bay Area for the weekend visiting family, and my Foursquare check-in had tipped him off to my whereabouts.

Rawlins explained that he had been on his way to get some pho with his father and brother when he had received the notification from Foursquare about my location, and he had instructed his family to make a quick detour from their dinner destination so that he could come say hello.

I appreciate Rawlins going out of his way to surprise me.

Foursquare, check-in, social media

How are you using social media to stay connected with your friends?  Which apps/social networks do you like best?

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