The Power of a Handwritten Thank You Note

In today’s marketplace there is a lot of conversation about ROI.  Here is a small time investment that you can make that will pay big dividends — a short handwritten “Thank You” communicates way more than your few sentences of appreciation; it is a strong statement about your personal brand.

My parents raised me to appreciate the things that I was given and to express gratitude.  My mom helped instill in me the habit of writing a thank you note whenever I received a gift.  As I have grown, I have expanded this habit to include the act of expressing gratitude through written communication to include the practice of thanking someone when they have taken their time to add value to my life.

I had the opportunity to experience the impact of a handwritten thank you a few years ago when my good friend JT mailed me a short note.  JT is a friend from college and we do not often get to see one another these days because he has moved to New York.  JT’s note to me followed his visit to my apartment during one of his trips to the West Coast.  In his note, JT expressed his sentiments about how nice it was to have had an opportunity to visit my home and for us to catch up.  The feeling was, of course, mutual.  As you can tell, his handwritten note left a lasting impact on me since I am writing about this experience a few years after it occurred. (I still have the note in a shoebox.)  JT is a class act.  Evidenced by his written note, it is no surprise that he has been so successful in both his career and developing personal relationships.

A few minutes of your time to write a short handwritten note can leave a long-lasting impression.

If you are a job seeker, a handwritten thank you to your interviewer may just be the differentiator that sets you apart from the other candidates.

When was the last time you received a handwritten Thank You in the mail?  How did it make you feel?

About Brian Mohr

Stanford Alumnus. Social Media Enthusiast. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their passions. Visit me at "Connecting the world, one person at a time."
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